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Create Fire Breaks and Access Trails

Wood Chip Trail photo Phase7bChipRoad2.jpg

We know it is expensive to clear large acreage. It is often more economical to create meandering trails and fire breaks that highlight the best of your property or create necessary access to overgrown or dense property for purposes of firefighting, open up fence lines, or access additional meadows or trails. We can generally cut and mulch trails through most types of terrain and this service has become very popular for landowners who prefer to leave their property wooded but want access to fence lines, create fire breaks, clear out arroyos, creeks, and otherwise inaccessible parts of their property.

We can also offer wildfire or fire damage property remediation including take-down and removal of large trees, chipping, mulching, and demolition of many types of burned out structures.

Cleared your own trail? We can grind or chip the brush, limbs, and stumps that are left in piles or in the woods.

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