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Cedar Clearing and Brush Mulching


FULLY INSURED (workman's comp too), DEPENDABLE, and HONEST. Owner-Operator is a college educated professional, has 21+ yrs. experience in land clearing and Arborist work and will respect your property as if it was his own ranch.

A lot of customers ask us over the phone how much it costs to mulch or clear their land. Every property is unique and while we have some day rates, those rates are based on travel distance and what we are mulching or clearing as well as the terrain.

We suggest you have a budget in mind. Bidding takes your time and ours. If you are looking to build a relationship based solely on the lowest bid, we may not be the best fit for your project. There is a lot more to making your land look good than price and often contractor's services aren't compared apples to apples but rather by price which can lead to a real mess or an unfinished product. We take precautions to help prevent the spread of diseases such as oak wilt and canker.

Typical pricing:

--1/2 to 1 hour charge for local hauling/setup (we may ask for a deposit on travel expenses and charge by the hour for travel for out of town jobs). Haul out generally $90-$150 but usually included in day price for local jobs.

--5 hour minimum on most equipment for very local jobs.

--Will bid for the completion of the job for driveways..

*Please Note: Please, payment is due on the last day of services unless prior agreement has been reached. In any event, we ask that payment NOT exceed 5 days time.

We take checks and cash. If you have a way to pay through PayPal or similar, talk to us about it.

*On Sales Tax

The law in Texas requires that most service providers collect sales tax. There are exempt services such as cedar and brush clearing for water conservation, new construction pad sites, new construction like fences, etc. Please check with the Texas Comptroller if you have questions about the new rules regarding Agricultural exemptions. Unfortunately, county wildlife exemption property tax valuation is not eligible for sales tax relief.

While we are aware that many of our competitors do not bother to get a sales tax permit, we are honest contractors and do our best to comply with the rules. If your tree service does not collect sales tax or have a sales tax permit or isn't registered with the state, they are hiding from something, most likely do not have real insurance and may not be there if you need them in the future.

Thank You. Yellow Dog Services, Inc.