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We understand and we care.
Oak Wilt Identification and Removals
Arborist Services:
....... Dead Oak Tree Removal and Disposal
............Trenching, Chipping, Mulching, Haul-Off, Injections

Oak Wilt is real and it is the most devastating tree disease in Central Texas and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

What is Oak Wilt? Well, it isn't a virus or ball moss but rather a fungus (Ceratocystis fagacearum) that infects and grows in an oak tree. Simply, the fungus clogs the tree's vascular (or vein) system and the tree slowly wilts and dies without nutrition and water. Live oaks can die within one to three months (though about 10% survive with various degrees of damage). Red oaks and Spanish/Red hybrids usually do not survive the infection and can die within a month.

There is not a 100% effective cure for Oak-Wilt. While some treatments have varying degrees of success, unfortunately many infected trees can die or never fully recover. Some infected trees survive on their own. There is no one authority on oak wilt and opinions are changing but we subscribe to many of Texas A&M Forest Services and International Society of Arboriculture recommendations.

We can help with oak wilt identification, dead tree removals, trenching and backfill, chipping, or stacking piles for burning. We have been where you are. Our ranch is surrounded by oak wilt infected trees on two sides and after 20 years of watching, waiting and taking extra precautions, oak wilt has finally crossed our fence line so we understand the feelings associated with potentially losing trees that provide privacy, shade, and aesthetic beauty. In a word, oak wilt is a terrible disease and while nobody can guaranty a cure, we can help reduce the eyesores or try and sever roots to keep the disease from spreading. We can offer empathy as we grapple with this disease ourselves.

We have a member of the ISA on staff who has completed training and course work and adheres to industry standards. We also work with a knowledgeable arborist.

Please see the link below for more Oak Wilt information.

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