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Cedar Clearing and Stacking Piles to Chip or Mulch.

Cedar Clearing Brush Mulching Cedar Shearing Oak Wilt Chipping Stump Grinding EPA Phase II BMP (recognized Best Management Practice) Erosion Control

The Problem: You can't enjoy your property because you either can't see through it or you can't walk through it.

The Solution: Selectively clear your cedar and brush so that you can open your property up. We can help you do that. There's a lot of misinformation on the Internet about Cedar trees. Here's a little truth..

Cedar trees are NATIVE and they DO NOT necessarily contribute to erosion other than limiting grasses under closed canopies. In fact, thick, closed cedar canopies actual limit erosion by slowing rainfall and their root systems hold soil. Some of the rainfall, however, gets caught in the cedar's leaves and doesn't reach the ground.

Cedar trees DO NOT have tap roots or deep root systems and they certainly DO NOT tap ground water resources as some of our competitors claim. Contrary to others' claims, cedar trees can be properly managed without burning and they make excellent wildlife habitat and the female tree's berries are forage for a number of native and migratory birds, small mammals, and occasionally for deer. Cedar trees also provide wind-breaks, contribute to replenishing our topsoil, and they actually help small oaks and other juvenile woody plants like the madrone by providing protection from foragers, erosion, and animal traffic.

A lot of claims are made about the cedar pollen and allergies. While cedar pollen is truly a powerful allergen, removing cedar from your own property won't help your allergies because the wind carries pollen for miles from other areas. We also advocate leaving mature cedars, when possible, to give your property a variety of native trees because of the very real threat from oak wilt.

Cedar Shearing: Tried and True: .. Still the best selective Cedar Clearing tool around.. and generally results in a ground-level stump.

If you have a Wildlife Tax Valuation on your property, we can help you with the necessary activities such as brush management, water features, erosion control, etc. It's not rocket science but a little finesse and common sense will save you a lot of headaches down the road. We will treat your property the way we treat our own piece of Hill Country...with respect and care.

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