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-Open Your Land to Enjoyment
-NO BURNING!--Cut and Mulch in one step
-Stump Grinding
-Brush Pile Reduction
-Reduce construction & Storm debris

****Shred Trees & Brush, Reduce Stumps, Tangled Brush Piles and Construction Debris!!

We upgraded our mulcher to the most powerful one in this machine weight class. While it is still considered compact, we believe we can mulch faster and cleaner than many of our competitors in this class machine.

Cedar mulching and brush mowing can be used as stand-alone services or added into a cedar shearing and chipping job for a complete park-like property to enjoy. Talk to us about trimming up your cedars and oaks* and using the mulcher to reduce the limbs to shreds. The shreds will eventually add beneficial organic matter back into our thin, hill country soils. Cedar mulching counts as an erosion control activity, if done right, for Wildlife Tax Valuation. *Utilizing ISA approved standards

We can also grind large stumps in or out of the ground to ground level or up to 16" below ground level using our dedicated stump grinder attachment.

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