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Located in Bandera County, Texas It's our 21st year of incorporation.

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Yellow Dog Services, Inc. was founded in 1997 with the mission to provide efficient land clearing with an emphasis on recycling while being responsible and gentle to our fragile Hill Country and surrounding ecosystems.

Why we are different.

We use powerful but compact machines, skilled hand labor and more than two decades of experience to make a difference. Our goal is to fill the need for a small but capable company that falls somewhere between an arborist and an excavation contractor. Our skills and knowledge base overlaps in several areas and we spend a lot of time on continuing education, study, and practicing techniques. We know what works and doesn't work based on observation and testing on our own family ranches and try and use that experience to become even more efficient.

At Yellow Dog Services, Inc. we love trees and believe most Cedar and Land Clearing shouldn't be wholesale dozing and burning especially with the prevalence of oak wilt and the potential for disturbed or lost topsoil. Because of the threat presented by oak wilt, we advise keeping as many varieties of native trees as you can and advocate cutting meadows and trails in contrast to removing all the cedar but we can accommodate your wishes.

Yellow Dog's approach to Cedar and Oak Wilt clearing follows ISA and tree care industry accepted standards and is Green Industry Friendly. This approach is ideal for low-impact brush removal and disposal but typically costs more than bulldozing and burning. Our Cedar Clearing methods are recognized as TCEQ and EPA Phase II rated "Best Management Practices" for erosion and sediment control. Often, in just a few days, you can have a dramatic change in your views and open your property to enjoy it with erosion control built in.

We are not pushy salespeople who try and sell you services that you do not need rather we are passionate about improving the Hill Country and protecting your investment one acre at a time.

Let us help you see your property through the trees!

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