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Cedar Clearing and Brush Chipping

Cedar Chipping & Brush Mowing Services

Dead Tree Removal & Trail Building

Services: Cedar Clearing and Cedar Shearing for Water Conservation including Land Clearing, Brush Mowing, Chipping, Oak Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, and some Driveway repair! We also fix properties that other cedar mulching contractors have worked on.

Say "NO" to dozer's..Instead choose selective cedar shearing, chipping, or mowing.

Cedar Clearing that looks good! Right?

Let Us Sculpt Your Property...

This isn't dozing and burning! Our approach to cedar clearing and oak clearing is ideal for low-impact brush removal and disposal but typically costs a little more than the other guy but the results can be a remarkable, park-like property with erosion control built in. Even if you don't find us first, we can usually fix the other guy's work in couple of days. We specialize in cleaning up property!

Our Brush Mowing and Cedar Shearing are EPA Phase II rated "Best Management Practices" and proven methods of increasing soil moisture that benefits our trees, grasses. streams, and aquifers. Protect your property from damage by bulldozers by hiring specialized, compact equipment! We also remove junk from your property and tear down old structures.